• About Highland Hollow

    Welcome to Highland Hollow Farm! We have built our reputation on producing the highest quality beef products on the market. Our Black Angus and Hereford beef consistently provide a very well marbled, tender meat with flavor second to none. Some of our customers have been with us for over a decade, which is testament that we continue to supply their restaurants, businesses, and families with the absolute best.

    The uniqueness of Highland Hollow goes beyond our quality products. We have recently completed construction of our on-farm USDA processing facility. This both reduces stress on our animals by eliminating travel at the time of processing and prevents interruptions in our supply chain. Our products deliver consistent quality and portion sizes week after week as they are prepared by our trained butchers.

    Our primary focus is working with a group of the most talented chefs and restaurant owners found throughout the Capital District, Catskills, and Hudson Valley. Our products are also available for wholesale/resale at retail outlets. On Saturdays, we open our retail store for sales directly to consumers.

    For wholesale / Resellers

    All products are available for wholesale distribution. If you are a distributor, please reach out to us for our current product price list. (Due to the current economic situation with rising costs in fuel, products, and production, our prices have potential to change.)

    For Retail / consumers

    Each week we offer a unique $100 package, as well as weekly specials. This helps us to streamline orders and be well prepared for Saturday pick-ups. We also offer a la carte ordering…. some items may have a waiting list and we will do our best to have them ready in a timely manner. Several times a year, we also offer a $600 package featuring our best steaks and other products.

    We offer whole and half beef shares. Turnaround time on a share is typically 2-4 weeks. Many customers choose to split larger quantities with friends, and we can provide practical guidance upon request. If you are interested in a share, please select and read the appropriate cut sheet from the following list… it will give you an approximate idea of the products and quantities you can expect, and in some cases provide a few options to tailor your order.

    • Whole beef share – click HERE
    • Half beef share – click HERE
    WEEKLY Specials

    To see a list of this week’s specials, please visit the Highland Hollow Facebook page HERE and scroll through “Other posts” to find the most recent list of specials.

    Contact us

    Highland Hollow
    322 Colby Rd
    Schoharie, NY 12157
    (518) 269-9088

    Store hours: Saturdays 10AM-12PM
    Pre-order by texting or calling (518) 269-9088